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You could over inflate the tires for storage purposes to reduce the possibility of flat spots developing. Tires are more prone to flat spots as the tire pressure gets lower in cold weather. They will handle 40lbs of air. Make sure you check the air pressure and top off where needed. Tires do not hold air indefinitely.

You can still jack the car up 3 inches or so, reducing the load on the tires IF you wanted the wheels off the ground, you need to use the jack stands on the control arms so when you lower the car, the suspension goes back to ride height. This isn't easy, and has to be done correctly. OR, you remove the tires, put the lugs back on to fasten the rotor to the hub, then lower the car so the rotor edges are on wooden blocks. I do this when I torque suspension parts at ride height, where required. I also use wood under the front rearward LCA ball joint (if no grease fitting), and under the rear LCA just before the knuckle bushing. I use a scissor jack when doing it on the street... Place it under the arm, and raise it up.

It has nothing to do with Myth, it is fact; High performance tires are particularly prone to flatspotting. That is because they are softer than other tires, they are designed to hang onto the road and corner at very high speeds. Softer, more flexible rubber compound can better grip the road. Stiffer and shorter sidewalls that do not bulge much under weight, so the tread on the bottom of the tire flattens out more.

Unfortunately there are cases when flat spots become permanent. That can happen when a heavy vehicle is parked on a cold surface for an extended time, usually several months.
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