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Here's a letter sent to dealers from Ed Peper, General Manager of Chevrolet, regarding the new Camaro Convertible Concept. :)

Ed Peper said:
A year ago, Chevrolet unveiled the Camaro Coupe Concept to rave reviews at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It was the hit of the show, and it led to the announcement that Chevrolet will again produce the Camaro Coupe, starting in 2009.

The goal this year was to top last year’s announcement – and we have, by blowing the top off!!!

On Saturday, January 6, 2007, at the GM Style Event in Detroit, the Camaro Convertible Concept will be unveiled for the first time. In the same manner that the original Camaro concept raised the pulse of enthusiasts everywhere, I believe the new Camaro Convertible Concept will continue to represent for Chevrolet the direction of its vehicle line up – expressive style, spirited performance and great value.

From its updated Hugger Orange pearl tri-coat paint with twin gunmetal gray sport stripes to its four auxiliary gauges located near the shifter, the Camaro Convertible Concept celebrates many of Camaro’s heritage features in a contemporary way. Although this is a show car and not the actual production vehicle, it was designed to represent the production model that will follow within a year of the Camaro Coupe production.

For further information regarding the Camaro Convertible Concept, the press release has been attached to the end of this message. Shortly, you will receive a copy of the hero card poster that is being distributed to the public at the North American International Auto Show. In the meantime, you and your customers can gain further details and pictures by visiting “”. This website will be available for viewing starting on Sunday, January 7, 2007.

The Camaro has touched many lives with nearly 4.8 million being produced over 30 years. The love and lore of Camaro remains strong. The Camaro concepts redefine the Camaro for both existing and new generations of fans in a contemporary way with responsive performance and modern technology. We look forward to its rebirth in 2009!


Ed Peper
General Manager - Chevrolet

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