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Adjustable height passenger seat??

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Hi everyone. I hope someone has some ideas for this.
I am looking to upgrade my 2010 2LT/RS Camaro's passenger seat to either an electric adjustable base (like the drivers seat), or a manual base that allows for the seat to raise higher off the floor.
My wife is petite, and she can not see out the front windshield comfortably with the stock seat, and ends up sitting on a pillow.
PS. I have read the manual, and it shows a height adjustment, but that must be for the manual drivers seat. Can that base possibly be retro'd to the passenger side??
I have also read prior threads about this, but none had any good info. Lots of jokester ideas, but no useful real life, 25 years of marriage type ideas.
Please, ANY real IDEAS???:rock5thvert:
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If you take the drivers seat electronics there should not be any issues with an accident. . why would there be?

I am going to look into this issue this winter. going to try and swap the mounting system and move the electronic buttons.
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