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I was collecting parts for a heads/cam/intake set up for my 2002 Camaro and I have reached a point where my priorities have shifted to other aspirations. So I have decided to sell what I have collected so far. None of these parts have ever been installed and they are brand new sitting in original packaging at my house. I can meet for delivery depending on location/distance from Madison. Otherwise buyer(s) will pay any shipping if necessary. Cash only for all parts please.

1. AFR 205 Heads flat milled to 62cc by AFR - $2200/firm
-Heads were shipped with AFR's standard springs (AFR# 8017) installed but I also purchased the upgraded springs (AFR# 8019) and they would be included with the heads.
-I also have a new cometic .040 head gasket set that will come with the heads.

2. AFR 6016 Camshaft - $400
-224/228, .581/.581

3. Fast 92mm Intake manifold - $925 - Sold
-hand ported by Tony Mamo to match AFR 205 Heads

4. Nick Williams 92mm cable Throttle body - $400 - Sold
- comes with a new gm TPS sensor and a new GM IAC valve installed.

5. Yella Terra Ultralite Rockers, 1.7 ratio, stud mounted - $425 -These rockers have a shaft that ties the Intake and Exhaust valves together for each cylinder but otherwise they mount to the normal OEM rocker mounting stands.

All of these parts were purchased with the intention of building the Tony Mamo "Recipe" that he has produced over 450 RWHP with.

I don't have any pictures handy yet but I could certianly take some pics and send them if someone wants pics. Since most of these parts are currently sold on the market I figured people can always find pictures of them online. If I get a chance to post some pictures I will try to, otherwise don't hesitate to reply/e-mail/PM me if you want some pictures.


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