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My wife would only compromise to getting a new car if it had 4 doors so I found the G8 GXP :p.

I swore I would never purchase a black car due to all of the black vehicles I work on, however now I have a new black GXP. Unfortunately the paint was swirled up and scratched from the dealership washes etc. I picked up the car on Thursday afternoon in Louisiana and all I could think of during the drive back to California was the swirls!! I spent all of today (Saturday) polishing and sealing the paint.

Products Used
Meguiars Mild Claybar
Meguiars #105
Meguiars #21
Meguiars Foam Tire Dressing

**Disclaimer** Any pictures where the paint looks hazy or looks like holograms it is just the polish streaking as the humidity was not in my favor.

Clearcoat damage from sap


Finished product


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