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Aftermarket wheels or not???

  • Staying with stock wheels...

    Votes: 15 51.7%
  • May go to aftermarket later on....

    Votes: 11 37.9%
  • going aftermarket ASAP....

    Votes: 3 10.3%

Aftermarket wheels for the 5th gen...???

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Will you be rolling on the wheels that come on your new Camaro or would you put aftermarket wheels on it?
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Hmm, probably depends on my financial situation at the time lol.

I think I'll keep the stockers on for a few months at least.
Aftermarket, ASAP. Will try to order the car with the cheapest wheels possible. Im sure stock wheels will look nice; but stockers never suit my taste and aftermarket wheels strike my car as mine.
I don't know what the stockers will look like yet.
My thoughts exactly. I'd have to see what wheel options are available. I might love or hate them. Even if I loved them, I'm all about change so they might only last 6 months to a year before I get bored and slap on some new wheels anyway.:cool:
I like OEM wheels best.

Doesn't have to be the stock wheels, just OEM.
I've always stuck with oem wheels.
I will have to see the stock wheels first
Z06 wheels for me
Yes, I want to see what the stock ones look like first, along with what color/colors combination I go with on the car. A lot goes into picking out just the right set of wheels for the ride.
I wonder how the Z06 offset will suit the Camaro.
I like the stock look. At little more stealth with out any flash on the wheels.
Depends on how the look. Historically the only wheels I have bought were OEM type. Like my Z put some ZR1's on it. Whatever goes on my Camaro will probably be GM derrived either the stock Vert's or Z06 or something like that.
Eventually, my plan is to put Autox tires on the stock rims, and put aftermarket on the car for DD. But that's 1-2 years after getting the car. About how long the stock tires will last, and how long it takes for my wife to forget how much the car cost. :D
if i do get a white camaro, i will try and get some light gunmetal rims. prolly within the year.
Depends on what stockers they put on it.

I'd like the ones on the concept, just smaller, if not...aftermarket.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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