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thought i would show how to install a typical air intake

stock airbox and piping

loosen clamp at throttle body

pull out the pcv line

remove MAF

detach air filter lid and pull air intake tract out. the stock box likes to collect debris

remove the two 10mm nuts that hold the airbox to the engine bay

pull the box out. pay attention to the inlet duct.

this is what it looks like all removed

this particular intake system you bolt the tow sides together, slide the air filter adapter through the hole, put seal all the way around the box

install MAF into tube, put elbow onto the tube, put connector onto air filter adapter, attach supplied hose to tube and pcv hose, slide all together and clamp together. should look like this when done

this particular intake system didn't come with short screws for the MAF. so, i drilled through and used the stock screws. i might redo the hose for the pcv. don't like the routing. they could have done better. can definitely hear the air sucking in the motor from inside the car.
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