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Chevrolet codes can be confusing! For example, the color code 96/WA8867 listed can be shown on your vehicle as 96U or 96L or 8867 or WA8867. Often there will be a BC CC before the color code. This stands for Basecoat/Clearcoat. The U in the paint code means the Upper Color and the L means the Lower Color. Two tone vehicles will have each color coded, i.e. 96U and say 36L. Also, it could be 8867L or 8867U.

Color Description Color Code
Blade Silver Metallic Clearcoat 17U/WA636R
Inferno Orange Metallic Clearcoat 28/WA502Q
Yellow Clearcoat 34/WA9414
Imperial Blue Metallic Clearcoat 37U/WA403P
Black Clearcoat 41/WA8555
White Clearcoat 50/WA8624
Cyber Gray Metallic Clearcoat 57U/WA637R
Aqua Blue Metallic Clearcoat 61/WA638R
Red Clearcoat 74/WA9260
Red Jewel Tricoat 80/WA301N
Ebony (Interior) WA167A
Midnight Silver Metallic Clearcoat (wheel) WA263M
Medium Titanium (Interior) WA312N
Sterling Silver (matt) WA569F
Synergy Green Metallic Clearcoat WA708S/GHS
Black (Interior) WA848
Black Clearcoat (Wheel Color) WA8555
Olympic White (matt) WA8624
Bavarian Silver Metallic Clearcoat (wheel) WA9752
Light Neutral (Interior) WA9772
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