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I paid $5 for this title!
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American car companies have really started catching up.

It'll be tough to beat the bad reputation they have (deserved or not), but it looks like some are on the right track.

The Solstice GXP and Sky Redline are great drivers' cars as well as pretty **** good-looking and low-priced for what they offer. The pony cars are (coming) back, and the trucks have finally been getting some of their much-deserved credit lately (was talking to an imports-only friend and he'd buy a Sierra Denali to tow his race car over anything else ;)). Looks are a subjective thing on all of those, but it seems like the press has also been pretty approving of the changes in the past few years.

I'm down with all of this. Good American cars have always been quite affordable (just look at our beloved 5th-gen Camaro), and now I might actually want some.

Good times. :patriot:
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