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(at time of install) 2010 1SS A6 Camaro Tune Spintech catback cold air inductions cold air intake added American racing 1 1/78s 3 inch ARH X pipe

Brought my car to American Racing Headers to have headers and an X pipe installed. First off Nick Anthony and the ARH crew are all top shelf quality people. They were very helpfull and were able to answer all my questions and concerns about adding headers to my car. The product is all 100% American made American steel, that for me goes a long way. Dropped the car off in the morning. The car was done by the early afternoon just like they said it would be. The installation and product look great.

So I got to start the car and head home. The sound was insane as you will hear in the following videos. (ill post more vids soon) Didnt get on her too much just to be safe until the tune was adjusted. Got her up to Chucks COW on the following saturday, after some tuning. I finally got to really drive the car. Took her up to RT9 and opened her up then hit the Sprain to head home. There was an immediate difference, the car is much different now alot more power especially at top end. The headers added a huge performance gain, making me believe the HP gain claims (32 RWHP without a tune and 50 RWHP ) I will have the car on a dyno soon also and Ill post the numbers at that time. My MPGs stayed at thier average of around 24 so I didnt experience any change there. As much a I love the sound I do experience some drone at 1800 rpms. the ARH axle back my buddy has on his Camaro has none at all, so I may change out my axle backs to ARH at some point for my wife and kids ears sake, although I do love the sound. My setup is perfect for people that want a nice crisp loud sound.

Some things to consider, after headers the car will pretty much need to be tuned. Some people have experienced check engine lights after headers. Also tuning the car will maximize whatever mods you do. For A6 cars I reccomend a tune if your ok with the whole warranty issue. The tranny tune made my Camaro nuts !.

In my honest opinion you can get cheaper headers but you wont get better headers. Im very happy with my headers and X pipe. Not to many products are made here these days, if that doesnt matter to you to each their own this is just my opnion. Hope this is a help. use head phones for the sound clips if you can
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