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First -- my apologies --

I thought I'd posted this on this and a few other sites -- but alas, I only posted on sorry for such short notice.....

An Invitation from the Henry/Settlemire Family.

Cars have always been a passion in our family.

Our Great-Grandfather, T.G. Henry in addition to Engineering a Steam Engine on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for over 50 years – built his Service Station and General Store in the small town of Callery, Pennsylvania, wayyyyyy back in 1922.

T.G. strongly believed that providing great service and reasonably priced goods to his community would benefit both the Henry Family and the community at large. In addition to selling “Gulf Gas” – “Henry’s” offered Mechanical Service, a soda fountain, miscellaneous food and drink, gifts, a stocked pond full of fish (that drew hundreds of people from nearby Pittsburgh on weekends during the great depression – all to watch the fish play “Football”…and no, we’re not kidding….) ---and, every Saturday night, an evening of Lively Music in the Dance Hall above the family business.

Our Grandfather (C. C. Henry) ran “Henry’s” from 1922 to 1959 – at which time he retired and became a fixture in his son’s Chevrolet Dealership in nearby Bakerstown. (Thomas B. Henry) Shortly thereafter, G. Dale Settlemire (Tom’s Brother-in-Law and high-school friend) sold his Plumbing and Heating Business and entered the Automobile business as well – becoming a Partner in Tom Henry Jeep as well as Bob and Dale Chevrolet.

Both Tom and Dale saw themselves as proof of the “American Dream.” They served in World War II – came back and worked hard, and were proud to represent Chevrolet and everything it represented. They felt that it was important to take care of customers: “A Promise Made is a Promise Kept.”

We are truly blessed to have had the privilege of growing up in our Fathers’ three Chevrolet Dealerships ( Bakers town, Blairsville, and Emlenton )– which allowed us to watch as the Camaro ‘Roared to Life’ in the fall of 1966. Since then, anything with a Bowtie on the Grille and a high performance engine has had us mesmerized.

Each year, we celebrate the Camaro and Firebird by hosting a “Tom Henry Chevrolet Cruise to Mars.” We do this for a few reasons:
First – it’s a way to celebrate these great legendary automobiles.
Second, it’s a way to say “Thank You” to our many friends and customers over the years.
Third, it allows us to share our family heritage…..and honor those who came before us…..
And Fourth: IT’S GREAT FUN being with our fellow Camaro and Firebird Enthusiasts!

This year, once again, PACE (Pittsburgh Area Camaro Enthusiasts) and Tom Henry Chevrolet “Cruise to Mars” will be held on Saturday, August 15th. We invite you to the Tom Henry Dealership located at 5886 Route 8 in Bakerstown, Pennsylvania to display your Camaro or Firebird throughout the day, and have a great time with like-minded enthusiasts. At 4:30 we’ll line up and cruise thru Mars, Pennsylvania to a special location that has great meaning to us:

Liza Beers was our Great Great Grandmother. She was given a “Civil War Land Grant” in the rolling hills of Butler County, Pennsylvania, that has been in the family ever since. ( Her daughter – our Great Grandmother == Luella Beers met, fell in love with – and married T.G. Henry. -- ) This property was lovingly cared for by our Grandfather and our Great-Aunts and Great=Uncles for many years.

In 1973, our fathers (along with a lot of help from us!) cleared a space on the “Family Homestead” and built a “Pole Building” as a ‘get-away’ from the everyday pressures of business. It was a great place to store some of T. B. Henry’s Classic Chevrolet cars and trucks; and it was a great place to hold Family Reunions and Business Association Functions.

While our fathers are now in that “Great Chevy Showroom in the Sky” – the rustic building remains –alongside the foundation ‘ruins’ of Grandma Liza’s farmhouse -- as a reminder of our heritage – and how fortunate we are to have experienced 50+ years of Chevrolet History. We’d love to have you join us – it may be a rural and very rustic setting, but we love it and we hope you will, too. We’ll have have a buffet dinner set up and enjoy each others’ company.

(and frankly, there’s nothing quite like hearing all of those small block V8s – and a few big blocks as well – rumbling thru the valley as Camaros and Firebirds arrive in the “lower 40.”)

You can go here for more information on the event:

We know your time is valuable – and we hope that IF you are able to join us, that you’ll have a great weekend with old friends and making some new ones!
Would you please do us the favor of posting if you WILL BE ATTENDING – and the number of people who will accompany you? (Mom Settlemire needs to know how much food to prepare….)

In Camaro Comradeship and Firebird Friendship:
We are:

Thomas G. Henry – President, Tom Henry Chevrolet, Inc and Tom Henry Racing

Sue Henry-Scott – Secretary-Treasurer – Tom Henry Chevrolet, Inc.

Richard Settlemire – Mayor – Mars Borough, Pennsylvania

Scott Settlemire --

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I totally would, but it's 5 hours away from me :(

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Scott, I wish I could make it, but a "tad" bit far of a drive for me...thanks for the gratious invite to us all! :5go:
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