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Anyone! 4 sale American Idol on tour tickets This Sat!

Taking offers guys! Any wives, girlfriends or daughters or who ever want to go? I just don't want to see these go to waste. They are email tix so all I have to do is email you. I could meet you 1/2 way to get the money.

August 9 Worcester, MA DCU Center This Saturday.

Seeing if anyone wants to go. My wife and I were going to go but can not go now. So seeing if anyone wants them. They were like $55 a peice for them. Really good seats too. Lower lodge area.
Looking for close to that amout but just want someone to use them.

They are emailed tickets. But like I said we are not going we are going to be out of the state on that date.
If interested will get you better seat info.

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