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Anyone running a pro charged??

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Hey everyone.. I am new here just picked up a new toy a 2010 2SS/RS I am thinking about running a pro charger the 2D unit. I want to run it on the stock motor with 7-9 lbs of boost until I have time to built a proper motor.the motor has 40,000 miles bone stock.
FYI I have a 66 chevelle with a 1970 454 stroked to 489 AFR heads and Trimic 5 speed mild built 481.7 H.P 484 tq at the rear wheels.

Any input would be great!!

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Also any experience with the hotckins suspension kits??
I installed the chassis brace and it solved my wheel hop issue. I have only run the car on the street, so I am not sure how it does on the track.
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