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Anyone running a pro charged??

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Hey everyone.. I am new here just picked up a new toy a 2010 2SS/RS I am thinking about running a pro charger the 2D unit. I want to run it on the stock motor with 7-9 lbs of boost until I have time to built a proper motor.the motor has 40,000 miles bone stock.
FYI I have a 66 chevelle with a 1970 454 stroked to 489 AFR heads and Trimic 5 speed mild built 481.7 H.P 484 tq at the rear wheels.

Any input would be great!!

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Lots of folks running ProChargers.... Not sure how many on this forum. Just make sure you have a TOP NOTCH Tuner. Pinpoint tuning is the key to having an NA engine survive on boost. With 40k on the clock I would lean more toward 7psi vs 9.... Unless you know what that 40k entailed (you were the one to put all those miles on)....

Oh and Welcome!


Cuz I'm partial to 2010's... :D
What's the fattes wheels I can stick on the back?? Also any experience with the hotckins suspension kits??
With the proper offsets (which escape me at the moment :() you can run 11.5 wide on the rear and 10.0 on the front. I have this combo on mine with 275 front and 315 rear Invo's with excellent results.... contact NineBall (vendor) here on the forum, that's his thing and can get you sorted out.

I too only use the Max Chassis & Max Strut braces from Hotchkis, everything else on my car is from Pfadt....
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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