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By: SOPMOD & Billy Speed
I have to apologize to Apex; I have been overwhelmed with my real job, car shows and starting a car club. Nevertheless, Chase sent me their Washer Tanker Relocation kit and Air Scoop last August. I finally got it installed today. The install was very straight forward and anyone with basic mechanical skills should be able to complete the install with ease.
The car we used is a 2010 Camaro 1SS and already had a CAI previously installed. We also removed the front bumper cover in order to do some other work. While we had the bumper cover off, we also completed this review. The removal of the front bumper cover is not necessary to complete the install of this kit.

The kit removed from the package

Once we had the car jacked up and wheels removed.
It was necessary to remove the attached screws and
push pins that retained the inner fender cover.

Inner fender (wheel well) cover removal points.

Once push pins and screws are removed
the inner fender cover can be pulled back
out of the way to allow access to
accomplish the installation.

This is the factory pump before removal

Pump removal and draining of the tank.

This is the area in the plastic shroud
that needs to be removed. We used
masking tape and made the cut
with a wiz wheel.

Making the cut with wiz wheel.

Bumper cover is removed.
This made it easier for us to
photograph the install process.

Note: This install does not
require bumper cover removal.

We used a hand file to clean the
edges after we made the vertical
and horizontal cuts.

This is the scoop from the front,
showing the two mounting locations.

The new 2 quart tank mounted on the scoop and the factory pump is in place.

Routing of the remote fill hose. We
used zip ties to secure it outside of
the CAI.

We decided to mount the remote fill
on the CAI as suggested in the
instructions. The CAI was removed
and marked for drilling locations.

Drilling the mounting holes for remote fill.***

Once remote fill was mounted,
we re-installed the CAI.

This is what everything looks like
after the installation is completed.
Note: Bumper cover is removed
for photos.

The scoop also lines up well with Stillen air ducts.

We did have to modify the scoop to
clear the Stillen air ducts.

This was a well thought out kit and I really think Apex knocked it out of the park! It was a very simple installation and only took about an hour to fully complete. Most anyone with basic mechanical skills should be able to accomplish this install with ease. We honestly did not find anything negative about the kit and found everything needed to complete the install was included in the kit. So if you have a CAI, this is a must do modification that is very reasonably priced. Contact Chase at Apex Motorsports for this kit and many other aftermarket components. They are truly a customer service oriented company that will go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Phone: 502-930-APEX(2739)
Apex Motorsports is your source for performance parts and accessories for 2010 Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang

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Well I put mine in the other day, Butt Dyno could feel a little more with the scoop in... Now I need to really Dyno it to see what diff it all made!!!!

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Nice write up! I did this back in November and I am very impressed. I have a ram air hood also and the combination of the scoop and the hood made me have to re-adjust my fuel / air mixture in my tune.

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Best thing you could do now is remove the plastic cover off of the top of the engine and remove the plastic intake cover. Get that Air Intake temp down.
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