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Congratulations Kunk1963 for being April's Member/Car of the month here on!

Thanks Very Much, It's an Honor!!!!!

Ok let’s get started with a few questions.

What got you started with your love for the Camaro?

All my years I've Always like the Camaro, Especially the 69 SS/RS but never had the Opportunity to own one. My very first Camaro was a 92 RS I bought new in the middle of 92. Then in late 93 got orders (I was in the US Air Force) to Korea, I had to sell her because I no place to keep her while in Korea. I've always missed her, she was a Great Car and My Very 1st Camaro I was able to own so I told my self, Some Day I would own another one.

What’s the story behind your 5th gen?

Well when the 2010's came out and I saw one and I wanted it so bad but again it just wasn't in the cards for me to have, but in Oct of 2010 things were really looking up! My wife (Jennifer) and I were out looking for a little car for her and as we were driving over to Temple, Tx I swung into the Chevy (Don Ringler Chevrolet) Dealer just to take a look to see if they had one so I could show Jen, and there she was sitting, an IOM 2SS/RS. As we were walking up to take a closer look a Salesman (Jason) came out and greeted us. I asked if we could take her for a Test Drive and he said "Well of course, Yes" and went to get the keys. Well Jen said she watched my Eyes just Light Up and how much I smiled on the test drive she said "Get Her" so about 3.5 hours later I was driving her home with a Perm Grin on!!! Lol

How did you come across and what made you stick around?

Jen's First Sergeant has a Camaro and told me there were different forums out there so I did a search on Google and Modern Camaro popped up, I went in to check it out, Liked what I saw and read. This is a Great Site with a lot of Helpful Folks with a Lot of GOOD Info, the rest is history...

Finally do you have anything you’d like to say to members or anyone else reading this interview?

I would like to say "Thanks So Much" to Everyone Associated with MC for the Big Warm Welcome I received in the beginning, All the Help I've been given & knowledge learned and most of all for letting me become part of the MC family. I just hope I can help contribute in keeping MC the Great Site that it is!

1 - 20 of 63 Posts