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Is there is anybody out there with a 2012 V6 in Northwest, WA?

Then I have the deal of the century for you.

I have an ARK-DTS Stainless Cat-back Exhaust system and a CAI Intake & a RX Catch can...all of which are installed on my car. (Except the catch-can..)

You can have all three items for $600.00 (Look up the prices else-where on the forum and you will see that it's a crazy price.)

You would have to pay for switching the parts from my car on to yours and vice versa...(I would need to have your airbox and exhaust installed on mine.)

You could drive with me in my car first to see if you like it. Very noticeable gains.

I was laid off for three months and it has killed me. I may have to let my car go back to the bank, so I thought I would offer somebody this opportunity first.

I'm in Bellingham, WA.

Let me know...

[email protected]
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