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Asking "what is best action sequence for quick start/acceleration w/L99?

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I've tried with stabilitrac on and off, I've tried with TC on and off, both off and both on. I've used paddle shift, not used it, just left it in "manual" but not touched them so it'd do it's thing. I've left it in drive. I also don't know if starting in 1st gear to 2nd and to 3rd is best for accelerating or if 2nd all the way to 60mph?? What about 1st to 3rd, simply clicking quickly twice with the paddle?? Basically, What's the best way to practice/use to accelerate the quickest with a stock L99??? How about burning the tires first?? Is it useful? I'm sure it is as I watch people brake torque the **** out of their tires before launching but I just don't understand much of the "implied" or "understood" logic/knowledge behind some of what I see getting done and some of it I'm just not sure of the sequence. I like driving the car, but people often ask??? Show me what it's got, Get Sideways!!" and I feel intimidated and "called out" to do something that I'm not entirely SURE how to do. Sad but true.......
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with my 2SS A6, right now with a new cam and 3600 tc, intake/exhaust, from a complete stop manual mode is the best, starting in 1st gear, with competition mode, it gets up to 5000 fast then second gear.:thumbsup: from what i understand having competion mode on meaning tc and sc off, that is the best start. i seem to have better times with the manual mode than the automatic but then again mine is not stock and i have not official been to the track, hopefully next week though;)
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