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Congratulations Cigam21 for being August's Member/Car of the month here on!

Wow, thanks to every one who voted for me, I really did not expect to win this one. I do not think there has been this close of a vote on MOTM yet, thought sdoomxz had this one in the bag.

Ok let’s get started with a few questions.

What got you started with your love for the Camaro?

I have driven Camaros when I was younger but the first one I owned was a 1987 RS, nothing special, 305 throttle body FI, but I absolutly loved it (except in the Upper Michigan snow). I was 19 when I got it off a lot in Green Bay used, dark blue with metalic flakes, T-tops & 2 10" subwoffers that pretty much filled that little trunk. Some of the best memories in my life were driving along Lake Michigan in the summer time, hair flowing out the T-tops.

What’s the story behind your 5th gen?

I had seen the concept and was pretty excited, you see I had to get rid of my 3rd gen when I started doing construction work in Arizona. It was tearing up the car and tearing me apart so I got a Silverado in 1996, I could not afford 2 cars at that time and did not really like the 4th gen anyway. As we all know I lost my chance to get a new Camaro in 2002 :(. In the fall of 2008 I went to the hospital and ended up in and out for the next 3 months for multiple surgeries. You have a lot of time to think when laying there with a bunch of tubes sticking out of you, during that time GM announced pre-order for the 5th gen, on January 10th 2009 I placed my order for my Camaro. And my wallet has been silently weeping in the corner ever since. :facepalm:

How did you come across and what made you stick around?

During the process of ordering one of the guys helping me at the dealership went to alot of web sites when I was trying to describe how I wanted the car, Modern Camaro (then was one of them. I ended up lurking on all of them for quite a while, from observing this web site was the most tollerant of ignorance. I was never really interested in modifying cars, both my dad & stepdad were mechanics and even though I can do alot, I didn't really enjoy it. Until I placed the order for my 5th gen that is. This web site has an awsome wealth of knowledge and members who, as sharp-tounged as they are, are really helpfull and honestly a great bunch of people! I never have really been on any social internet sites, much less one that I read almost every day. :5go:

Finally do you have anything you’d like to say to members or anyone else reading this interview?

I would really like to thank Tim for making this site, and meeting me on a cold and windy night in St Charles Ill just to see my Camaro! I would also like to thank all the other members who have taken the time to meet me here and there through out the united states, and the members I have not met in person but have helped me make my Camaro the the freakin' awsome machine it is today! Oh and one more thing, IBM ROCKS :roxor:
Thanks again everyone!

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big congrats on a well deserved win for you!!!!

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We are almost halfway through August and it's just up :D

Congratulations Cigam a well deserved win :thumbsup:

:bigparty: :party: :bigparty:
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