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I'd normally put this in the 'shows and events' section - -but wanted everyone to see this:

Good Evening, Camaro Comrades and Firebird Friends!

This is a great time to be a Camaro enthusiast -- as each day, more and more 2010 Camaros are 'Roaring to life' at Oshawa Assembly!

..........and what better time to celebrate?

Chevrolet invites you to join us on Saturday morning, April 18th for a private showing of the new Camaro in its various guises -- LS -- LT -- and SS.....

This is in conjunction with the Austin Auto Show at the Austin Convention Center

>>>>> Austin Convention Center <<<<<

500 East Cesar Chevez -- Austin, TX

Chevrolet and GM Communications will provide a free Continental Breakfast in the Chevy Exhibit -- and the Austin Auto Show will provide FREE ENTRANCE!.

Please plan to show up by no later than 7:15am -- doors to the Chevy Exhibit will open promptly at 7:30 -- the show will still be closed at that point -- it does not open until 10am ----

--- so you have two hours to get up close and personal to the new Camaro -- and browse the rest of the GM Exhibit.

PLEASE ENTER AT THE 4th STREET ENTRANCE - where you will register and receive your tickets to enter the hall........

Parking is available at the "North Flat Lot" at the corner of 4th Street and Red River.

Please - no T-shirts and/or shorts - -Dress is 'business casual' - -- "Dress to Impress!"


We are limited to 250 People! You must sign up in

this thread on

...........and be confirmed to attend. Each person to sign up is allowed one guest. (125 people and guest)

Please stop by and sign up now!!

We hope to see you there!


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couldnt be going to a better place :thumbsup: Sounds like a trip back to austin then maybe a little night time action on 6th street afterwards :cool: :thumbsup:

Thanks Scott !
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