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Being with Pedders, we have the abilities to set up the Camaro for Drags, road race and auto cross. Reviewing this section, there is nothing other than drag racing.

So am looking for imput from those Camaro owners with adjustable dampers on how they set up their Camaros.

Things that I am interested in are as follows:

1. Heights front and rear
2. Alignment specs
3. tires
4. What other suspension mods are installed
5. Where are your dampers set at.

I know drag racing is a big big deal!! And we spend a huge amount of time assisting here. But want to be full service and collect data for all kinds of racing.

Thanks to all!!


2016 Camaro 1SS
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I am auto crossing ,but don't have adjustable shocks or any other adjustments right now. I am running lowered and looking at lighter cross arms and adding sway bars. I am also seriously considering getting lighter wheels. For tires I would run Bridgestone RE11s ,but they don't make a tire that fits yet. There are not many choices on the stock rims at the moment.
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