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Autoextremist: Don't screw up Camaro

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GM. Fresh off the triumphant return of the Camaro at this year's Detroit Auto Show, rumblings coming from deep within GM's Design Staff suggest all is not well with getting the "right" car into production (it will be made by the way, despite Bob Lutz' vague statements to the contrary during its introduction). A major stumbling point? Right now, there is an intense debate going on about the need for a "B"-pillar. Right-minded designers are adamant that the "B"-pillar is not necessary structurally for safety and most critically, for aesthetic reasons and that it wouldn't be an authentic Camaro with a "B"-pillar, period. The bean counters, of course, are saying that to do the car without a "B"-pillar would be too costly. If there were ever a time when the bean counters should be told to step aside at GM, it's this one. The Camaro concept cannot be built with a "B"-pillar, it would literally destroy the whole freakin' car. Add in the fact that all the engineering to support a pillar-less design for the convertible version is already in place, and you have the no-brainer of this young year. If GM screws up this car, there is no hope - so it's really quite simple: Don't.
If there's one thing that the Camaro Concept should have taught GM by now is that heritage done right, without wallowing in the dreaded Retro, can succeed like gang busters.
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Delete spam above, please. Anyways, I feel the same. The new Bumblebee is looking kind of.. ricey, to be honest, and we don't want that. What's next? Optimus rolling on some Motegi 22"s? :eyeroll: Anyways, about the actual car, I don't think they'll screw it up. From all the pre-pro and almost-production cars we have seen, my two biggest complaints are the reverse lights and the trash-can-lid mufflers. And if that's all I can complain about, Chevrolet has done a **** good job.
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