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a crazy fast 13.5. wow. :rolleyes:

This car is more in line with a LS1 GTO, maybe a LS2 GTO if the chally had a good driver.

I still havent seen one break into the 12s. And when they do, im sure the Dodge boys will be so proud :rolleyes:

if a 6.1 chally run mid to low 13s, i hate to see what the base (r/t) V8 does with a new 5.7 (still not 400hp). low 14s to high 13s, maybe.

As for the handling, it seems to be main complaint. Hell we seen the modern Vanishing Point that found the V Point too soon. lol.

I thought the Mustang would be running behind the pack again this time, I guess not. Hell the Bullitt runs 13.7 in the low 30k range, I imagine the refit with the rumor engine will surpass that, in turn trumping the top dog Srt-8 while still in base v8 trim. Funny. GM knows it has to hand the Mustang its ass, so no worries there, but that makes the top level chally look like 40k of crap.

Just imagine the SRT-8 Super Bee vs. G8, again. Then remember the Chally doesnt subtract hardly any weigh in this scenario. The Camaro appears to be smaller than a Dodge Avenger and Mustang, so Im guessing at least a 400lbs difference from the Chally's weight. Ok, now just for this scenario:

-Base V8 Camaro (L76, at the very least they can do that)
-SRT8 Challenger

Winner: Im betting the guy in the Challenger will feel a bruised ego.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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