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Automotive Street Style and Unrestricted Motorsports just unvailed in Las Vegas at the Celebrity Garage the JYD Special Edition Camaro. This special edition offers some of the best products in the industry.

This customed JYD Edition has Unrestricted Motorsports Body Kit, STS Twin Turbos, Forgiato Azioni 22x9 & 22x10.5 wrapped with Pirelli Scorpions 265 fronts and 295 rear, Baer 6 Piston Brakes, Barton Industries Shifter, AAC After Burner tail lights, LTL Audio Door projector, T-Rex Grille, Escort QI45 Radar, Lazer Shifters, Escort Nav Mirror, MotionLites, Suede Seat insert with JYD logo on Headrest, and JYD logos through the car with serial number. But you can't forgot the custom paint color too, which is Ferrari Blue (Tour De France) with Hammerhead Stripe in Maserti Grey. Almost forgot about Loud Pedal Motorsports for the installation of the turbos and brakes.

These cars will be availble to purchase through select dealerships in the Southwest in Las Vegas, Phoenix and LA. You will also be able to see this car in person by checking out for show schedules.

We are honored to be able to build this special edition because part of all proceeds are donated to childrens charities and the JYD P.R.O.J.E.C.T.

Offical Press Release link:


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