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back in an f-body

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i finally got another f-body. the last one is my avatar after an explorer pulled out infront of me. here are the mods that i know of. may be a few others that i am unaware of. very nice car and im happy with it

LT headers/ORY-pipe/borla exhaust(open plate)
tq arm/lca's/panhard bar
Zo6 intake/slp cold air intake/slp ram air thingy from underneath
01+ clutch hydralics/zo6 intake
black ZR1 wheels 275's up front 315 nitto drag radials in the back
a/f gauge/straight stick for shifter/tinted/black billet grille/10" sub and amp

OH yeah.. i got in my first race within 7 minutes of AAA building on mcnight road. LS1> cobalt SS
kid was cool nice car.. but i walked him..

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Nice car man. Welcome back to the F-body owners club :)
Excellent! :)
Congrats on the purchase, and welcome back to the family. :)

I dig the factory ground effects! I might be biased though lol ;)
Nice ride!

AND nice kill :)
All black Camaros are slow!

Wait a minute, mine is black...nice car man. Wheels look great!
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Sharp looking car. Good thing you didn't get beaten in your first race. :lol:
Nice car.

I thought you had the one with a turbo? It is still a nice ride!
Sharp ride, congrats!
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