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Back on the dyno today!

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Our sponsor Modern Muscle had their open house today! :thumbsup:
So I decided to put my Camaro back up on the dyno to see what kind of power gains I've gotten from my Roto-Fab cold air kit.

Results: 350rwtq / 368rwtq :thumbsup:

Gained 27hp at the wheels just from the Roto-Fab CAI!
Very happy with those results!!! :cool:

Video and dyno sheet coming soon!
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Ok, video is up! :thumbsup:

Dyno graph showing before the Roto-Fab CAI and after:

Very impressed with the gains!

+27rwhp just from the Roto-Fab CAI :cool:
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I need to get an exhaust on this thing.
The stock system does sound good under throttle.
But at idle you can't hear it even standing right next to it! :lol:

Full exhaust and a tweak of the tune should get me real close to 400rwhp. :cool:
Yes, this is with a custom tune which was done before adding the Roto-Fab CAI.

No alteration were made to the tune at all when I put the Roto-Fab CAI on
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