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Back on the dyno today!

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Our sponsor Modern Muscle had their open house today! :thumbsup:
So I decided to put my Camaro back up on the dyno to see what kind of power gains I've gotten from my Roto-Fab cold air kit.

Results: 350rwtq / 368rwtq :thumbsup:

Gained 27hp at the wheels just from the Roto-Fab CAI!
Very happy with those results!!! :cool:

Video and dyno sheet coming soon!
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Have you had a custom tune done at all or is the gain with stock tune?
ah I see it on your sig now, should have looked. Well I am sold and getting the Roto-Fab delivered as we speak. I think I will have to go get a dyno tune as well. I also have the SLP II just axle-back and I will be putting in the Barton short throw when i get home to. After a little tuning I think I will be happy with it for a while.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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