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It is with great pleasure that I make the official announcement for.....

The 4th Annual "Buyers & Builders Ontario Meet & Greet"

August 10, 11 & 12

St. Catharines, Ontario

This year BBOMG will be taking a trip down the QEW to St. Catharines - Home of the GM Powertrain plant.
This plant assembles a number of GM's award winning engines including ALL of the current Camaro engines!

Find out more by clicking the above banner.

Each August the GM Powertrain plant hosts a Show & Shine open to all GM powered vehicles.
2012 will mark the show's 14th year which now attracts over 500 vehicles.
The show takes place in a park setting in front of the plant with vendors, awards, a BBQ, a portable Dyno and
.... wait for it....
A Tour Of The Engine Assembly Line!!!

The BBOMG-4 feature event will be the GM Powertrain show and plant tour on Friday August 10th.
This represents another opportunity for you the buyers and enthusiasts to interact with, build relationships with and THANK the fine people that build the cars we are so passionate about.
This results in a different kind of event that must be experienced to be appreciated.
This is why we say, BBOMG is more than just a car show.... It's an experience!

Been to the GM Powertrain plant before? Rest assured, we are working to ensure that BBOMG-4 will be an epic weekend of fun! The weekend will include Friday at the GM Powertrain show and plant, the annual BBOMG banquet / auction and the Saturday night raffle social. Details on other activities through the weekend will be released in the coming months so stay tuned!

This year, BBOMG is proud to team up with GM Powertain to raise money for local charities which focus on local youth. 100% of all money raised will be passed on to our charities.

BBOMG-4 Hotel Details:
BBOMG-4 Host Hotel:

Holiday Inn St. Catharines
327 Ontario Street
St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 5L3

Overflow Hotels:
Best Western
2 North Service Road
St. Catharines, Ontario, L2N 4G9

Days Inn
89 Meadowvale Dr
St Catharines, ON L2N 3Z8 CA

Room Rates:
The group room rate at all 3 hotels is $149 per night for a single (king or queen) or double (2 queen) room.
Suites at the Holiday Inn are available for $169 per night.
These rates are Canadian Dollars plus taxes.

How to Make a Reservation:
To make a reservation you must CALL the reservation number below. Reservations under the group code cannot be made on-line or through the Holiday Inn central reservation centre. The below reservation number covers all 3 hotels. Refer to the GROUP CODE: "BBOMG-4" and the attendant will make your reservation at the Holiday Inn if rooms are still available. If there is no rooms available at the Holiday Inn, they will ask which of the other 2 hotels you prefer.

Reservation Number:
1-877-688-2324 ext 2
1-905-688-2324 ext 2

Group Code:

Reservations & Cancellations:
A credit card is required to make a reservation however thse are not prepaid rates. Reservations may be cancelled at any time up until 24 hours prior to arrival. Cancellation fees apply if reservations are not cancelled 24 hours in advance of arrival.

A message from the BBOMG Organizers:
One of our goals is to make BBOMG as accessable to as many people as possible. Part of that is keeping the cost down and that is why BBOMG will continue to be FREE to attend. Unfortunately these group hotel rates are a bit higher than we would like. However for the quality of hotels in the area, these rates actually are not that bad. There is another large event in town the same weekend and accordingly, hotel rooms are at a bit of a premium.

These hotels are close to the BBOMG events with lots of ammenities in and around them. At the host hotel we will have a "BBOMG Only" parking area with nightly security again this year. Plus the cost of tickets to the Friday night banquet will he cheaper this year!

Some of you may choose to stay at a different hotel - and that's fine. There are lots of hotels in the Niagara Falls area. However a word of caution. You generally get what you pay for. Rooms for $75 might seem like a great deal but you will likely be disappointed with the facility. In short, there are some pretty sketchy hotels in and around Niagara Falls. If you have any questions, please ask.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register for BBOMG?
An official registration site will be opened in the near future. For now you can express your interest here. But you will not be officially registered until you enter your details and receive a confirmation email. Please watch for details.

How much does it cost to participate in the BBOMG?
As always, participating in the BBOMG is absolutely free!

Sleeping in my car is awkward. Where can I stay?
Hotel details have been added above

What are the details for the BBOMG Banquet?
Similar to last year we will have a limited number of banquet tickets.
Details including menu, price and how to buy tickets will be posted in this thread at a later date.

Does my BBOMG registration also cover the GM Powertrain Show?

So..... you're going to tell me how to get into the show right?
A SEPARATE registration for the GM Powertrain show will be required. Registration will be available on their website in March or April 2012. The BBOMG organizers will advertise when their registration opens. But don't worry if you're late. In the past they have not limited or closed registration. Registration is also available on-site at the show.

With such an awesome show and tour there must be a registration fee. How much?
There is no cost to register for the GM Powertrain show & plant tour.

Really! Save your money for the charities.

OK that's annoying. Ask a real question please.

OK.... So where is St. Catharines?
Between Niagara Falls & Hamilton Ontario.
Boarder Crossings:
Niagara Falls - Queenston Lewiston - 12 miles
Buffalo - Peace Bridge - 28 miles
Detroit - Ambassador Bridge - 230 miles

What else is there to do in the area?
Casinos (and other fine establishments) in Niagara Falls, Wineries, Shopping in Niagara-on-the-lake and of course, Niagara Falls!

What else do I need to know?
If you are a US resident you will need a passport, EDL or Nexus card to enter Canada.
More details will be made available in the coming months. If you have any other questions please feel free to post them here and the BBOMG organizers will do our best to answer them.

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I will be doing THE LIST...again this year...
PLEASE GO TO THIS THREAD for guys know the Rules...LOL

This thread is for the members that intend to come to this Meet & Greet. So that we can get a heads up of how many Members will attend so that the Organizers can Plan accordingly... For the THE LIST please State the names(First name will do) of the persons you will be bringing and if arriving with your Camaro.... Please stay on the Topic...
Also PLEASE post your Name ONCE on ONLY ONE SITE ...Especially for those who are different Camaro Sites

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The online form to register for BBOMG4, as well as purchase Charity Dinner tickets will be online on March 1!


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BBOMG 4 Official Registration Now Open and Charity Dinner Tickets Now On Sale!

BBOMG Registration:
Many of you have already communicated to us that you plan to attend BBOMG-4. However in an effort to ensure the information we have on file as complete and accurate, we have decided to create an Official BBOMG-4 Registration Form.

But I already registered... I sent an email/PM/phone call/messenger pigeon!
Even if you have already communicated to us on one of the forums, on FaceBook that you plan to attend, we ask that you please complete the Official BBOMG-4 Registration Form.

But I already see my name on THE LIST.
Even if your name appears on THE LIST currently, we ask that everyone complete the Official BBOMG-4 Registration Form. Don't miss out on the fun! Register today!

BBOMG Charity Dinner Tickets:
Once again this year we will be holding the BBOMG charity dinner on Friday August 10th. Dinner ticket purchase is available as part of the Official BBOMG-4 Registration Form
Back by popular demand this year is the live charity auction. We already have some items that will blow your mind and Hylton has been taking auctioneering lessons! Like last year the dinner will also include guest speakers and some "special guests".

What does the dinner include?
The dinner will include a full buffet and non-alcoholic drinks. There will be a cash bar open during the dinner. If you have any special dietary requirements please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

How much are dinner tickets?
Dinner tickets are CAD $30 each this year and payment through PayPal. Apologies for those who do not like PayPal. This is really the safest and fairest way to sell tickets. Also we need to pay for the dinner before the event so unfortunately tickets will not be available for purchase at the door. All that is needed for payments through PayPal is a credit card. There is no mark-up built into this price. The price covers our cost for the dinner and related fees.

Have you registered for the Powertrain Plant Show, Shine & Tour yet?
Just in case you have not yet registered for the Show, Shine and Plant Tour of the GM St. Catharines Powertrain plant, there is a direct link to their registration page at the end of the BBOMG registration!
Please make sure:
- You separately register for the Powertrain Show, Shine & Tour
- List your club affiliation as BBOMG (important!)
- Bring appropriate footwear (really important!)

(Thanks to Jason and the boys over at the offcial BBOMG forum for hosting the registration and all your help in putting it together!)


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Having Trouble with the BBOMG Registration or Dinner Tickets?

We have had some reports of issues with the registration process. We are working to determine the exact cause of the issues but it is difficult given the number of factors involved. However most people have been able to successfully register and purchase their dinner tickets. The most common exceptions seem to be similar in nature. Below is a bit of guidence that may help with this process:

First of all, please let us know what happened in your registration process so we can trouble shoot it.

The most common problem is as follows: You filled out the form, indicated how many dinner tickets you want to purchase, clicked Submit Registration and all it did was re-load a blank registration form.

Although it should not be required, the problem appears to happen when the registrant does not have a user name with Or, the registrant is not logged into their account.

We are working to resolve the problem, however the easy fix appears to be to register a user name on the Message Board (forum) of, log into your account and then complete your BBOMG registration.

If you already have an account with, log into your account before completing the BBOMG registration.

If you are logged in, please log out and then log back in prior to completing the BBOMG registration.

Finally, we have had some reports that the registration process doesn't seem to like all versions of Safari. This is unconfirmed but again the easy fix is to try a different web browser.

Thanks for your patience everyone! Nothing attempted for the first time is without it's wrinkles. Lots of time until August and plenty of dinner tickets available. The BBOMG team is working to ensure everyone gets registered and is happy!


"BBOMG - More than just a car show.... It's an experience!"
For all the details on BBOMG-4 taking place in St. Catharines Ontario, Click Here!

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I was not able to register. I did not try to purchase dinner tickets...just submitted the form but it reloaded the blank form as you described. I do have Safari. I'll try my PC later and see how that goes.
Try to PM CdnCamaro on this site...

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For those encountering issues with the BBOMG registration form, please read!
Please read this carefully if you are having problems with the BBOMG form.

I like the BBOMG event so much that I wanted to do something to help ensure that it stays as awesome as it is. So, I volunteered to help the organizers of the event by providing them with a more streamlined method of people registering for it and the charity dinner.

I purchased a special form processing piece of software that would suit our needs perfectly and created the form that some are having problems with.

Some have mentioned that once they complete the form, that it doesn't respond when they click the submit button. A few also pointed out that it did work when they are logged into this message board. I thought this was pure coincidence, and here is why...

This message board software and the BBOMG form software are 100% independent of each other. Both are made by different software companies on different sides of the planet. The only thing in common is that they reside on the same server, and even then they live in two different directories. I don't know of a way to make the two pieces of software communicate with each other, so I thought it was just plain nuts that people were saying that they could get the form to work only when logged into this site.

And then I got thinking...they do share the same it probably wasn't a coincidence after all.

I still don't quite know why or how there is a database conflict (and I am only assuming that is the problem) but let me make a few things clear...

I intentionally didn't use this message forum that you are looking at to process the BBOMG registrations because I wanted everyone who wanted to attend the event to be able to register easily, no matter what site they had an account on. Clearly, that backfired on me perfectly.
If you want to sign up for BBOMG but do not have an account on this message forum, and do not want to have one, just sit tight for a little bit. Over the weekend, I will be building a standalone, separate web site for the BBOMG event. I have personally been thinking the event deserves one anyway. So, sit tight, be watching for the announcement of the location and where the form is that won't have a message board on it, so there should be no database conflicts like the one we have now.
I personally apologize for the problems, all. They were not intentional. I just wanted to help out in the best way I know how and it sorta went sideways on me. Give me a little bit of time to make it right!

Feel free to ask any questions, but PLEASE help me focus on the creation of the new BBOMG web site by directing anyone who is posting around the web that they are having problems with the BBOMG form to this thread. It will help immensely!

Jason Debler - CamaroZ28.Com Co-Founder

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BBOMG Gets Its Own Website!!

It is with great pride that we announce that BBOMG now has it's own Official Website - BBOMG.COM!!

On the Official BBOMG website you will currently find the event registration form, dinner ticket purchase, and links to the BBOMG Facebook and Official Discussion Forum! In the future we will be adding event information, sponsor links and other useful information and tools for all BBOMGers.

A huge thanks goes to Jason Debler and Jason Port for making this possible!

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On the fence? Not sure about registering? Unsure about coming to the charity dinner?


Ask anyone that has been before - It will be one of the best Camaro experiences you've ever had!
Plus, there will be a SPECIAL EXTENDED PLANT TOUR for 30 lucky BBOMG participants!
You must be registered through BBOMG.COM to be eligible!
We will announce the winners Tuesday August 7th.

And the dinner is not to be missed. We have some items for the auction that are so amazing we can't list them here!!! You don't want to miss this opportunity. Just like Litho #200 of 200 last year, we can safely say the items up for auction this year will forever be ONE OF A KIND!

More information and event itinerary will be posted on BBOMG.COM very soon!
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