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Berger Panel + Export Taillights + Stainless Inserts

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= me likey! :)

Stinkin no sunshine today, can't see it too well in the pics.
I'll have to take more pics on a sunny day!

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.
The tail panel is not flat black, but it's satin black with a flat clearcoat.
My strut tower brace is painted the same way, but not on the car yet.

Man I wish this woulda been done a week ago.

Side note....
Amp & subwoofer are back in the car, and a new head unit too. :)
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Looking good:cool:

I love the exports, just got some for mine too;)
Simple clean effective. Nice.
Love the panel and the lamps - not big on the chrome.

Very nice ride :cool:
Where do ya'll source your exports? I looked on ebay awhile back and nada.

Just wondering.

Ebay is where I found mine.
There's one seller in particular that comes up with a set now & then - hibiki_racing_jdm

They're not cheap, but worth it IMO. :)
Ebay here too. Sometimes there are like 3 or 4 sets. sometimes there are none. You can set an alert that will email you when your search has a result. thats what I did.
Yeah, that's what I do to, but the question I had was more general.

I am not looking for a set, but I NEVER actuall see them on a car. They seem super rare here in the states and was just wondering.

I have never seen them on a car in person. Besides mine;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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