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Best priced Camaro Tune in Florida. Tampa Tuning

3 miles away from MacDill AFB in Tampa.

Please reach out for Tampa Tuning for your best priced tuning !

Our total street performance tuning package for $245.00 will include:

- Read and reprogram your PCMs settings and perform real time scanning diagnostics for the best results
- Increase power enrichment rate mode
- Examine and change timing tables for additional horsepower & torque gain
- Optimize your vehicles Air and Fuel Ratio monitored by the LM-1 wideband unit
- Reduction of intake air temperature table (heat soak)
- Desired rev limiter adjustments
- Park, neutral, and in- gear idle adjustments with and without A/C active
- Adjust power enrichment delay to immediate (*Transmission Performance*)
- Engine torque management system reduced (*Transmission Performance*)
- Transmission torque management system reduced (*Transmission Performance*)
- Transmission shift points enhanced (*Transmission Performance*)
- Transmission shift times reduced (*Transmission Performance*)
- Transmission shift pressure firmness enhanced (*Transmission Performance*)
- Skip shift deleted (CAGs 1st to 4th shift) (*Transmission Performance*)
- Fuel injector rescaling for aftermarket injectors
- Cooling fan activation temperature recalculated
- Perform speedometer recalibration for rear gear ratio and tire size change
- Turn off check engine light and remove trouble codes
- Neutralize rear oxygen sensors

Transmission performance package for $150.00
Tampa Tuning recognizes that the A4 and A6 automatic transmission owners just want their sloppy, slow shifting and sluggish transmissions tuned for a performance feel. For those owners, we designed a transmission only tuning package. We will reduce your vehicles engine and transmission torque management system and re-flash only transmission settings indicated above by *Transmission performance* notation. This will be a very noticeable change in your vehicles performance!

Torque management reduction tune for $75.00
For the drivers that just want a noticeable change in your vehicles performance, and are tired of the 1st to 4th CAGs skip shift, Tampa Tuning will reduce your vehicle’s engine and transmission torque management system and neutralize your CAGs. You will be surprised and pleased with the torque management tune. Many drivers who use their vehicle daily say just turning off the CAGs are worth the price and the extra seat of the pants torque is a bonus.

Email order tunes for $110.00
If you own or have access to HP Tuners software, you can Email your stock .BIN file to Tampa Tuning where it will be reviewed and properly enhanced for a “Email order” tune. Your tune will be enhanced by using HP Tuner tables from our library of modified configurations which have a very similar set up as your make and model vehicle.

Ill be in Stuart, Fl the weekend of Dec 11th.
Ill be in Parkland, Fl Dec 26-28th

Already tuned cars reviewed for efficiency is free. Just reach out for us if you not happy with your current tune.

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i'll be in for the tranny tune around the 20th and let everybody know how it comes out.:thumbsup:

hey, maybe i'll get a discount for bein first here.:lol:

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Since my brother in law hasnt update my website yet, I dont have a problem pricing your tune at the rate currently on my home page.

Im heading to a speed shop in Ruskin now to do another 2010 L99.

No AARP discounts :lol:
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