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Bike Rack Question

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MC Hivemind,

Does anyone have a bicycle rack on their Convertible or Camaro? I am looking at a Saris Bones 2 and did not know if anyone here had one or a similar type bike rack for their car.

Bones 2-Bike

Edit - I have checked their fitment guide as it does not show one and I have emailed them just looking for info from other sources.
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how is this working out for you spckatnip? I am looking to install a bike rack on a camaro without a hitch if i can.
Hi, mikej.. please post on our new members thread so we can give you a warm welcome to MC :D

spckanip.. get one of the new ones (bike rack) that are fiberglass not metal ones, the fiberglass is light weight and better IMO,
use a bungee cord for your forks to keep them from hitting your trunk lid,
also if you can find some rubber sheets to protect your paint,
I think it would be better than cloth/rags.
Let us know what you come up w/and what you find out works best, thx !, & enjoy the trip :thumbsup:

Is this the setup you do? What fiberglass bike rack do you use?
Nope..I have a metal one I used for years, gave up using it, because it started to cause problems, scratching paint mainly,
Orion make's one's that are awesome, theirs also a new brand I seen a girl use, that is made out of carbon-fiber,
I use to ride my mountain bike for years, not so much any more :facepalm:
Hope that helps ?

1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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