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Black Box

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I know GM has been using Black boxes in their cars for years now, but any thoughts/ideas on how/if it will be used in the camaro?

There are the scare stories of the gov't and dealers being able to see if you have gone over the speed limit or in some way voided the warranty but I dont know what is true of the black box use

It is possible it is only used for crash investigations, but I certainly dont want to void a warranty just because I have some fun in my car at the track.
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I dont think we will know much about that. unless they use a box thats already in place on another car..This isnt Nazi Germany yet. so you can have fun with your Camaro. Alot of people feared the same with the new stangs and it hasnt stopped them.
It'll definitely have one, as all new cars are required to.
Of what capacity is yet to be determined.
But I'd agree that there isn't anything to worry about.
Just don't be stupid. :lol:
I can see them using it more and more.

It's a good thing. The only people that have to worry are those that fugg up :lol:
That would be my take as well, provided there are not too many blown engines, transmissions, rearends etc.

Insurance companies and some police departments have been using the data in fatal accidents to determine what the cars were doing just prior to impact if there were no witnesses or survivors.

I can't imagine GM or anyone else, at this time, authorizing the use of the data available to deny warranty claims. The media would have a field day
at that manufacturers expense.
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