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from Josh @ Cheers & Gears (

With the introduction of the Camaro concept courtesy of Chevrolet and General Motors Mr. Lutz stuck around to answer some questions from media folk and automotive enthusiasts alike. Below are notes taken by yours truly.

- Mr. Lutz noted that the Camaro would need to sell about 165,000 vehicles for it to be profitable and justifiable for the company.

- The Camaro concept rides on a platform that is currently being used and is GM’s new global rear-wheel drive architecture.

- Mr. Lutz did not state if the Camaro could be made outside of Canada, or if the vehicle would have to be made within the Canadian borders which could still mean a hold-up with the CAW regarding the Camaro nameplate.

- Bankruptcy talks were dismissed as quickly as they were brought up as I knew they would be.

- One final note and one that fans of the Camaro will want to pay attention to: GM could make a decision on production in just a FEW SHORT MONTHS. Mr. Lutz cited the Solstice as an example explaining that from the moment the Solstice was a concept to just three months after a decision was made on production.

That being said, for every individual that is out there reading this, BE SURE TO LET GM KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS! You can do so here as they will certainly be read by those that need to read them. Once again, a decision on production could be made in just a few short months, so now is the time to let your voices be heard.
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