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This was originally posted by Charlie (aka Z284ever) on AutomoChatter.
With his permission, here it is:


Alright, all of this talk about the Camaro growing compared to the concept has caused great consternation - namely from me.

I contacted Bob Lutz, to hear his comments on the matter. I respect the confidentiality of private communications, so I waited until I recieved his personal permission to publicly post his message.

Hi Bob,

There is some info circulating around the internet regarding the length of the upcoming Camaro. It seems to have grown compared to Concept. I understand the need for 5 star crash ratings and limitations with Zeta's architecture, really I do. But a Camaro the same size as my 5 passenger, 4 door, CTS, is very disappointing to me. If true, my excitement for the car has been diminished.

Thanks for listening

To which Bob Lutz responded:

"Worry not. The production car is trimmer looking and no bigger than the concept that was shown. In fact, other than a more realistic roof height, I have to look at the door handles to see which is which; concept, or production?"

And there you have it!


Good to hear! :)

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Thats comforting to know! Now its just the brutal tease of waiting until I can have one in my driveway!!!

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I'm Back! I am just being able to find all of this camaro stuff since I have been in Kuwait! It is good that the camaro will remain as close to the concept car as possible! I can't wait to get one!
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