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BumbleBee color

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I'm not sure if this has already been asked... but I would really like to get a yellow SS and paint it the color of the bumblebee in the movie. so does anyone have a good picture or actually know the color of bumblebee?
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The Color is called Sunrise and from what I've heard, it's very expensive. At least 7-10K if you want a job well done. House of Kolor has it (or closest to it) ;)

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you could try for the color in the first one.
no idea what color it is, but its a few shades darker than what the camaro currently comes in.
maybe shoot some orange/gold pearl at it would help too.

i have a buddy who paints cars for Formula Drift... i'll see what he thinks.
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Chevy would make a goldmine if they offered a bumblebee color choice.
okay just got an answer from my buddy rich (**** facebook is cool)
here's what he said:
as far as HOK Sunrise, its more orange than yellow, i think i've sprayed it before, or maybe it was Sunset i sprayed.

at the moment, i dont have a place to do cars as a sidejob for doin prep work n' all. thats why i've resorted to smaller jobs. would be cool to paint a new camaro tho. ha.
so he's sprayed it. not sure how much it was though.
well I can do the spraying and labor myself I just wanted to see if anyone knew the color. I looked at it and I reallllly like HOK sunrise i think that's the one I'm going to use. when i eventually get the camaro. :D
Valspar makes it. Sunrise. House of Kolor calls it Sunrise Pearl. Code PBC30.

Oh, if you have it laying around, you may need the MSDS for it.\MSDS\hok\pbc30.PDF
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