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This was posted on a TF site. If you dont know Las Vegas he sums it up a little and DL the video..kinda funny how they react at the end...Since what is Bumblebee in the movie.. ;) have fun..
Originally Posted by JesterJJZ I've watched the show "Las Vegas" on NBC from day one. Great fun show that can get really clever at times, the scattered scantaly clad women don't hurt it either.

Anyway...Josh Duhmal is in the show... one of the stars in the Transformers film. Coincidentally he drives a classic late 60's Camaro...yellow with black racing stripes. It's not a new thing...he's had it since the show's conception about 3 years ago. However, since I learned Josh Duhmal was cast in Transformers, I have been waiting to see if they would ever make any Bumblebee remarks, last episode they did.

His Camaro gets stolen and he's trying to track it down.... see clip...

I chuckled as if expecting it.

Anyway... I like Josh Duhmal a lot and I'm glad he's in the film.

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That's SUPER cool!
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