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Cadillac bets on wagon

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GENEVA, Switzerland -- To boost its European sales, Cadillac will introduce a midsize luxury station wagon late this year. The BLS is the first station wagon in Cadillac's 104-year history and will be built in Sweden alongside the BLS sedan, which was also developed exclusively for sale in Europe and is the brand's best-selling vehicle there.

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Wagon - that is what they should be calling the SRX and the other so called 'cross over vehicles' here in the USA.

They are wagons :lol:
My mom just ordered a 2007 SRX.
She likes to call it "a station wagon on steroids" :lol:

Incidentally, word on the street says SRX dies in 2009, and a CTS wagon takes its place. CTS coupe is supposed to show up then too.
caddy wagon .... sounds messed up but w/e makes money
I think a Caddy wagon could do pretty well against all the tall wagons already out there. :roxor: The "crossover" has become as generic as an Accord or similar coupes. Dodge has a fairly aggressively styled wagon on the market and it doesn't do to bad sales wise.

Now all y'all line up and take turns bashing the lone mopar guy here (54 your place is reserved in the front of the line). The above chart was shamelessly plagiarized from

(flame suit on)
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