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Cadillac SLS Joins Portfolio in Middle East

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[ Cadillac USA ]
Cadillac announced that the SLS, the stretched version of the STS luxury sedan, will become available in the Middle East in the first quarter of 2008. The SLS is based on the STS sedan with additional design and engineering work, as well as manufacturing, taking place at Shanghai GM's state-of-the art facilities in Shanghai, China. ...

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ummm..why there and not here?????
I had the same question about all the other great cars over there.
Buick there sounds alot better than buick here...
Why do all domestic manufacturers sell the best stuff in every other country but their home country? It boggles my mind.

Just a guess, but I think CAFE could be causing some of it.
Also MPG may not be as much a concern in other parts of the world as it is here in the US.

They are doing better in other countries than they are doing in the US as well.
but this is off the current caddy line..and the buick stuff is from Holden..

just messed up
Here is a pic btw:

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I hear the reason that US can't get this car is because of side impact rating is compromised by streching it.

I would rather the STS not be here and the SLS be here. I mean the CTS and STS are way too close.

here are some interior shots:

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that interior is amazing. Still looking at it a year from the first time I saw it..
Yeah, it confuses me why the STS can't have that same interior.
the US STS interior is similar in style, but dumbed down.
mmmmm Caddies......

i'm a lil biased..he he
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^how are you liking your caddy btw:)
I am loving it! I was just about to start modding it. Then this douche bag hit me HARD in the door.

100% her fault.

I need to get it fixed.
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