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Jim Taylor
General Manager, Cadillac

We all have our favorites, our own loyalties and preferences. But in a survey of new vehicle buyers released today, only one brand can be at the top. The number one brand in the US in owner satisfaction in 2008 is Cadillac, according to AutoPacific’s annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSA) study.
This study is based solely on the opinions of actual new vehicle owners rating their new 2008 models. AutoPacific adds no “3rd party” opinion to the owner survey results, which are grouped into 28 car and truck segments. For more information, check out AutoPacific’s blog.Cadillac’s overall win stems from the Escalade, Escalade EXT, the new CTS sport sedan and the DTS luxury sedan each winning the title as “most satisfying” in their individual market segments. Across all segments in the study, no auto brand (including BMW, Lexus, Mercedes and the others) was rated as highly by consumers as Cadillac.

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