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CAFE= Death for the American V8

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I've got a bad feeling the dumb ol' boy George Bush with the new 35mpg crap has sent the V8's into extinction. I think the vette won't be affected, but the camaro is a different story. The only way I could see the camaro, mustang, and challenger surviving is with a supercharged or twin-turbo V6. Maybe a transmission with 8 gears, that would really increase MPG. I think its ironic that out of the U.S.'s daily greenhouse gas production personal cars only contribute to 15% or 20%. The other 80% is from factories and power plants, why doesn't he do something about that. They probably pay better than the auto industry. I don't know I'm nervous about this crap and wanted to vent what does everybody think.
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totally sucks..and would be nice to have an E85 car..thats 400HP
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