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CAFE= Death for the American V8

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I've got a bad feeling the dumb ol' boy George Bush with the new 35mpg crap has sent the V8's into extinction. I think the vette won't be affected, but the camaro is a different story. The only way I could see the camaro, mustang, and challenger surviving is with a supercharged or twin-turbo V6. Maybe a transmission with 8 gears, that would really increase MPG. I think its ironic that out of the U.S.'s daily greenhouse gas production personal cars only contribute to 15% or 20%. The other 80% is from factories and power plants, why doesn't he do something about that. They probably pay better than the auto industry. I don't know I'm nervous about this crap and wanted to vent what does everybody think.
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I love how trucks are all exempt from this stuff. So how many pickups were sold versus cars last year? Ford F150 is the best selling vehicle.

May 2007 June 2007
All vehicles 145,649 143,900
Cars 73,689 74,720
Trucks 71,959 69,179
um, I spaced that out, I swear.
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