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Since I'm GM employee discount eligible, we've been seriously considering the GM family first discounts on a new 2010 GMC or Chevy 1500 Extended cab. $5000 + $1500 EVA = $6500 discount is hard to pass up. But I have to do it by 6/30/10. Have a 2006 GMC SLE extended cab 5.3 auto Southwest Edition with 65K miles I MIGHT trade in, depending on whether a guy at work wants it or not. Absolutely nothing wrong with the truck, but the wife is wanting to upgrade to the new body style.

MUST HAVES (likely deal breakers if not there):

2010 1500 2WD
Extended cab
SLE (GMC) or LT (chevy)
Trailer towing package
5.3 with auto
PDL/PW/Tilt wheel, (whatever that convenience package is)


Dark blue paint w/gray cloth interior
3.42 rear gears
homelink rear defog package whatever it is (bunch of little gizmos in there)


White or black/black granite paint
6.2L V8

Been piddling around building one on the GM family first webpage. Came to around mid 33K range, with GM employee price somewhere north of 31K. With incentives, it's around 25,500 with delivery charges. A price around there is what we're looking for, although not absolute.

So.......what do you have? Or can get? Or know where one of these are?
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