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Camaro 5 Muscle is an prestigious club in South Florida for 5th Generation Camaro enthusiasts. Our union stems from our passion of Camaros. Although we love our cars to go fast and look forward to track events and winning car show awards, that’s not all what we’re all about. What we are about is helping each other enjoy the love of our cars and having a good time with our friends.


The Club’s regular activities fall into several main areas: monthly club nights, social outings in representation of our club, instructional events and competitive motorsport.

Monthly Club Events: We hold regular club nights at different locations, where we meet and greet new prospective members from Miami through Fort Lauderdale. We attend local, state, national events where we encourage our members to participate.

Social Outings: Our activities range from motorcade runs, attending various large car events and other car shows.

MOST OF ALL, we have fun, enjoy each other’s company and learn from our individual experiences with our cars.

We invite you to visit our Facebook Page “Camaro 5 Muscle” and our site at CAMARO 5 MUSCLE.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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