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Basically if you could go back in time and change one or two things about Camaro throughout it's lifetime, what would it be?

My first change (which bothers me more than anything) is the I would have never cancelled the Camaro in the first place, for the 2002 model year, the 35th anniversary models received a LS2 motor rated at 350hp.
The following year, 2003, all v8 coupes have the option for the LS2 powertrain. 5 years later, 40th annivesary, the camaro receives the current design and becomes the 5th gen.

The base coupe (5th gen)has a 300hp v6 or optional 325hp LS1 (Tuned more for economy than 4th gen), a mid level LS2 350hp for RS coupes and the SS receives the 430hp LS3. The Z28 receives a modified 450hp LS3 with a exterior and interior differences, it's also 200lbs lighter.

[Ignore stuff like costs and other stupid stuff I know somebody will post, "Even if GM had the money, this would never happen, this is stupid, etc."!]

But as you all know, I'm a 3rd Gen man so tomorrow I'll post my third gen alternate history!
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