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Camaro and Transformers. Work Safe

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This is my very first post. Let's get things started off with a bang:

My Camaro Transformers Video:
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Welcome to the forum.
Nice collection you have there:)
Cool video! :)
Sweet collection display! :thumbsup:
Weclome to the site.
What all u guys got done to that 1st gen and that 4thgen?
welcome man.... now that u made this, we all expect other great vids ;)
Beatmix BumbleBee

The 67 has been restored by my Father and mMself and features a 383 Stroker.

The 98 V6 is my daily driver, with 150,000 and still running strong.
A/C and all! :roxor:

Thanks for the complements. I will actually re-make that video when the Transformers score comes out. There are a few thing in it that I'd like to change. Mostly, I was using really short samples of music that made it hard
to cut to.

Here is another video I posted a while ago:

It picks up the beat pretty quick.

Fun toy for the desk.
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Sweet :D

I gotta get me one of those. :)
You can get them at the Sharper Image website.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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