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Driving the Camaro Convertible Concept:
Ya know for not even being a real car and it being on a pieced-together chassis, the convertible concept car drives really nice!
Very stiff springs in the concept because obviously they don't want much wheel travel since the clearances are so tight.
Seats are suprisingly comfortable, and the interior is very roomy! Even in the back seat of the convertible I was quite comfortable. Tall people need not worry about fitting in this car, probably 99% of people will fit in it comfortably.
Great exhaust note, great acceleration, but with a rev limiter of 3000rpm and a speed limiter of 40mph, you get maxed pretty quick hehe.
Low windsheild height (will be taller in production car) but even with that the noise level with the top down wasn't bad at all.

Focus Group:
There wasn't any information given to us about the car, it was all us feeding them information about what the public wants and how things should be and how they should get done.
Which was the reason for the feedback thread. :)
Thanks again for all the great feedback given here, it was very useful today!

I say this with absolute 100% confidence:
GM has their act together on Camaro.
We need not worry for it is in very good and capable hands. :)

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63 Posts 6' 2", ...I was amazed at how roomy the car felt. The overal 'feel' and 'positioning' of things in the car seemed right too. I know the seats are 'conceptish' too, ...but they were surprisingly comfortable.
Overall, ...the car felt 'familiar' and easy to adjust to (Well, ...uhmmm for some of us....Tim ;) )

It was great seeing you again, ...the trip was incredible :thumbsup:
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