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Camaro entering production phase?

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Camaro entering the production phase of development?
Yes, according to outgoing Holden chairman, Denny Mooney. :)

Quote from the article:
In the past 12 months Holden has spent between $350 million and $400 million on R&D, of which 70 per cent was expended on projects for models that will not be sold in Australia.

The most recent project, following the completion of the VE Commodore, was the development of the Chevrolet Camaro to be built in Canada.

Mr Mooney said that as the engineering development for the Camaro winds down, "our next-generation project won’t be far away".

"The Camaro project is now slowing down because they are now getting into production. All the heavy engineering work is being done as we speak. The design work is pretty much done," he said.

"We might be 30 per cent local and 70 per cent non-local, but a year and a half from now it will probably be 70 per cent local and 30 per cent non-local. The organisation is now set up to do that.

Progress is good! :roxor: :cool:
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Thats good info. I hope GM of America will be just as forthcoming with the info soon.
We should get some spies to oshawa!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to volunteer????!!!!
The codename is Jinx. Spy for hire.
ya shouldn't be giving out the code man!!!!!!!!!!
hey jinxxxxxx everytime I read your signature I'm like what???!?!?! this guy already got the new camaro wtf!!! how come I don't have it yettt sssss and u getting the ss? z28 WILL BE top dawg, so u better don't get in my way
lol. we will see. If you want ill give u a z/28 5th gen sig to work with.
Great news!
thats awesome maybe now we can get some spy pics soon
It shant be too long I presume. With spyshots becoming more frequent, I suspect the very first one will be on the net within the first week it is built.
I have a feeling that we will get some new information in the 33rd week of this year:D
we need something
I just want to see what the production version will look like. Honestly, when the new Mustang came out, I was disappointed that it lost some of it's aggressive styling from the concept. I thought it was a little too "Plain Jane." I hope they don't do that with this car. I LIKE to see them get rid of those hideous mirrors though...Losing the elf ears wouldn't disappoint me at all.
One can not simply burnout into Moldor.


The concept is not going to look much different, butt he only thing I'm still waiting for is GM announcing WTF is going to be under the hood!
LOL :lol:
I never watched the movies..but the geek in me couldn't resist that.

Another possible one would have been "One can not simply drag race into Moldor."

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