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Hey there out there in InterWeb land. I want to give everyone an update on what’s new and the status of my latest film American Legend.

First let me say thank you to everyone who has helped out so far. Without your willingness to be interviewed and letting me film your Camaro’s and businesses, this film would not be possible. I have assembled a good portion of the film and its looking great. This is the best looking film I have made so far. The feedback from the website owners who will be featuring American Legend has all been positive. The sites that will be featuring the film are,, and Of course this film will also be featured on all of my video channels and my Facebook, Virb, and MySpace pages as well.

I am so confident in this film I feel that will be my highest viewed film to date. I’m sure that will be due in no small way the bikini car wash scene. Yes, I said bikini car wash. I have some detractors out there that are going to rip on me for it, but when has that ever stopped me from doing what ever the hell I please?

On top of which, when I say a film is coming along great, I’m never blowing smoke up your independent rear-end. But there is a snag. I need more action footage. Driving and racing shots to finish out the film. For those of you have worked with me in the past, I am very careful and respectful when it comes to the treatment of your Camaro, or any other car I’ve filmed. I will also not ask you to do things that are illegal. But I do need your help in finishing this film out. So if you live in the Central Florida/Orland Area please contact me. I am only look for Camaro’s right now, but not just 5th Gens.

To see my first Camaro film, click the link below:
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