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Camaro in the 2006 GM Annual Report

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According to the Motortrend link below, the Clay Camaro that appears in the GM 2006 Annual Report is at production specs :cool:

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Sweet, now I'm looking forward to getting that in the mail. :D

I do believe that clay model has been close to finished for a few months already.
you mean the concepts or you mean the clay they are doing for the street versions?
The clay production version.

I know it was pretty close to finished before this year's NAIAS, because in talking to the designers they were all comparing the concept to the production car and saying how much the same it is. :)
Since the base vette is now going to have the LS3 I would think the camaro would have the LS3. The LS2 is on its way out.
Yeah, only the concepts have the LS2, it will not be in the production version.

If history is a lesson (L98, LT1, and LS1) then the LS3 should find its way into Camaro. :)
The new Camaro is probley futher along than we think and the LS3 should make one sweet Camaro.:5go:
Sooo the Camaro Is Getting The LS2!?
How did you get that out of this thread? :lol:
How did you get that out of this thread? :lol:

From "production is so close to the concept". They meant externally, gavin!
I thought GM stopped sending out printed copies of the Annual report since it is available online now?
Ah yeah, it's online now.

Doh, gonna have to print it out myself :lol:
that pic is of the production camaro

you can tell it is different from the showcar because the turn signals are inboard of the headlamps..

also in that picture is another chevy...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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