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Hey 5th Genners...just dropped buy to say hi..I am the owner of a 69 SS Pace Car, a 86 Sports Coupe and a 92 RS - 25th Anniversary. I have been hanging out at for years but now in preperation for my 5th gen purchase in 2010 (gotta let 'em get the kinks out) I will be around this site as well. The site looks great and turns out I only live a couple of towns away from the site owner.

I saw the 5th gen in person at the Chicago Auto Show and got some great pics (one is my avitar). Let me say no picture can improve on seeing this beast in person. In one word...AWESOME...I can't wait. I am in the process of putting up money and making sure I have PERFECT (if there is such a thing) credit because at this point I want a Black Z28-no stripes V8 (praying for 450hp) hardtop or T Top(if there is one) beast.

See everyone around and ...oh yeah...if anyone wants an sig or avitar but has trouble making one pmail me and I will take care of you...
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